domingo, noviembre 26, 2006

Racionero and the Mediterranean way of life

I do not know why, but when I arrive to a library or a book store I always look at the essay section. I do not feel special appeal for poetry or novel, because I sense an special attraction for reality; I prefer the real to imaginary world. In spite of the fact I respect a lot the creators of imaginative works: poets and novelist, I admire really the philosophers and thinkers. A Saturday's autumn I got on my hands an old essay titled " El Mediterráneo y los Bárbaros del Norte" by Luis Racionero, an extraordinary sociological work about the way of life of Mediterranean countries. This book, published in 1978, defines Mediterranean sea like the cradle of civilization. Cities where people related with others and they learn to live in society were created on Mediterranean; places where the art arises and philosophy occurs. Racionero says that industrialization come up in the north of Europe the region of Barbarians, because the art is delight while industry is barbarian. On the one hand, art refinement and philosophical thought come from Mediterranean civilization. On the other hand, wild industry, pollution and savage capitalism come from the north. For that reason, the author prefers southern creativity, and the enjoy of living our every day life.